About Us

Our Mission: Making delicious food easily available and affordable.

EAT DAY EATS looks to make variety of quality food more accessible to consumers so you are not stuck eating fast food all the time or paying an outrageous amount of money for a third party delivery charge.  EAT DAY EATS is an expansion business of an already established restaurant HWA (used to Cafe Seoul) in Murray Utah that has great tracking record from our customers so we can guarantee great quality in all our food.

Allow us to make your life easier!

I'm sure everyone has experience packing lunch for their work or for school.  If you are already busy and had a long day at work, coming home to cook dinner as well as lunch for the following day could be a pain and I know what that feels like, I've done it myself for years before starting this business. 

It's hard to be creative every time so I often ended up packing the same food for days if not weeks and going out to buy food took too much time (not to forget, sometimes you lose your parking spot while you are out) and having something delivered is very likely to hurt your wallet.  I once saw a co-worker at my former job paying over $17 for a spaghetti that was about $8.99 because she had it delivered through a third party delivery company.  I was shocked to find out these companies are charging so much money for a delivery and people were paying that money because they didn't have other option.  Then there are food trucks which are great solution to the problem, but they don't come to your office when you want them and you often get very little food for what you pay.

This is why our family decided to start EAT DAY EATS.  We wanted to make your life easier by allowing all order to be made online and have high quality great food delivered right to your hands for a price way less than $16. At $10.99 in fact, and the delivery fee is included in the $10.99.  We had to work our brains to make this work and make things easy for our customers, but we have done it.

We are not only offering great food and delivery at a great cost, we are also offering convenience which is becoming more and more important and valuable these days.  So give us a try and allow us to make your life easier!