If you have any questions, please use to Contact Us page and leave us a message, we'll make sure to return to you within the next 24 business hours.


Q. Why does it say "out of stock" when I am trying to order?

A. We are trying to keep the quality of our food high and be able to deliver our food to our customers in time.  In order for us to do this, we've decided to set a limit on how many orders can be made daily.  Currently we are taking 200 order per day so we are not taking high number of orders that cannot be fulfilled.  We apologize for your inconvenience if you are unable to order due to the daily order limit.  We will notify our customers when we gradually increase the limit overtime.


Q. How does the pricing work with the food and delivery?

A. All our menu are priced at $10.99.  If you order your food individually, it'll be $10.99 plus tax with delivery fees included.  However, if you order at least 4 lunch box to a same location, the price of each menu drops to $9.99 plus tax with delivery fees included.


Q. We want to order a big bulk of lunch box for our employees at our company, how should we go about making this order?

A. If you have a large number of order that you'd like to make, please use our Contact Us page and let us know. We'll work things out with your to have everything prepared just the way you want them to be.


Q. How far do you deliver out to?

A. We are currently serving customers as north as Bountiful and as South as Lehi.  We are unfortunately unable to deliver orders to any location further away as we only have one kitchen located in Murray. However, if you'd like to place a bulk order of 25 orders or more, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.


Q. How many menus do you have and what can I order?

A. We have just over 20 menus in total.  From the full menu, we'll select 4 different menus to be available for ordering.  The 4 selected menus will be rotated every 3 business days so you can enjoy variety of great menus. For more info on this, please see our Ordering and Delivery page.


Q. I placed on order, what now?

A. Once you have chosen a date and placed an order, your lunch box will be delivered to you between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on the day that you picked.


Q. Can you microwave the lunch box containers?

A. The containers used for both Bibimbap menus are microwavable, however, we do not recommend that you microwave containers used for any other menus.  If you need to microwave the food, please move the content on a microwavable dish before warming them up.