Ordering and Delivery

Our Methods


We have figured out a way to make, and deliver quality food at an affordable price and here are some of the things we did to make it work.


  1. The most essential factor about our business method is that we do Delivery Only! All orders are made and delivered out of our restaurant in Murray (5284 Commerce Drive). In order to make things easy for our customers and to serve as many customers as we can, we decided to go to our customers ourselves rather than having them come to us.  You can easily make an order here on our website and have them delivered right to your hands the following day.
  2. Taking orders until midnight before the actual delivery day. Let’s say that you came home from work during a weekday and you are too tired to make lunch for work tomorrow.  Or maybe you forgot to make them because you got carried away doing more important stuff.  You know you are going to be pretty busy tomorrow at work to be going out for lunch… So what do you do?  All you have to do is make an order from us as we are taking orders for the following day until midnight.
  3. Once you make the order, your food is guaranteed to be delivered between 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.


With all things considered, our business method allows us to provide great food with delivery and most importantly, convenience at a low cost so that we can make our product and service affordable to more customers in the Salt Lake Valley.  We are always looking for ways to serve more.